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Bespoke Sub laser engraving

All the magic is worked by lasers. When two laser beams focus onto the same spot they effectively shatter a tiny fraction of the crystal and create a dot. Using lasers means the surrounded substance is left untouched and the accuracy is outstanding.
Anything that is to be decorated with a 3D sub surface image needs to be thick enough to contain it. We usually start from around 20mm but, depending on your image, the size may have to be larger.
Step 1
if you already have your artwork in a 3D format then great, if not don’t Worry, our team can create it from files you supply.
Ideally your images will be in one of the formats listed below, but we can create artwork from other formats such as photographs, although this incurs a set up charge.
You can also have 2D text and logos engraved within the crystal and glass from simpler file types.
2D Files: Vector .eps .ai .svg 3D Files: .FBX .DXF .OBJ .STL .3DS
Step 2
You can now choose from almost 200 different products for sub laser 3D engraving.
We can decorate items from giant blocks and flat awards; all we require are awards with a suitable thickness that is flat and not reflective. If you don’t see the award you want Sub laser engraving, and you require a different award from our website that is not shown on our sub laser page let us know and we’ll tell you if it’s possible.

Step 3
The latest Sub laser engraving technology means we can turn around items
With suitable artwork in as little as 72 hours

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